San Leon Fire Firefighter Spotlight
May 11, 2024

We want to shine a spotlight on one of our incredible firefighters, Kyle Davis (Firefighter #154), for his selfless and courageous act during a recent rescue mission on Saturday, May 4th, around 8 PM in San Leon. 🚒 When our team received a distress call for two individuals stranded in the water amidst harsh weather conditions, Kyle sprang into action without hesitation. Despite the high winds and waves making the rescue operation challenging, Kyle demonstrated exceptional bravery and professionalism. 🌊💪 With his unwavering commitment to safety, Kyle donned his PPE and fearlessly plunged into the water to aid a woman struggling to keep her head above water. 🏊♂️ Thanks to Kyle's swift actions and the teamwork of our dedicated crew, both individuals were successfully rescued and brought to safety. 🙌 We are immensely proud of Kyle and grateful for the unwavering dedication of our entire team in ensuring the safety and well-being of our community. 👏🔥 #HeroesAmongUs #FirefighterSpotlight #Teamwork #CommunitySafety