San Leon Fire Adds New Apparatus to its Fleet
March 2, 2023

Apparatus Type Tanker-Pumper
Call Sign Tanker 1
Pump size 1500 gallons per minute
Tank size 3000 gallons
Metro Fire Apparatus Specialists, Inc. 514 Michigan / Houston, Texas
APPARATUS brand name, Spartan Metro Star, Spartan Emergency Response, Spartan Fire, LLC.

In late November 2022, the San Leon fire department took delivery of its latest apparatus and it was put into full service in mid-December 2022.
Tanker one’s main mission is supplying water to the fire ground. Tanker 1 can also assume the role of a first-do engine if need be. With its 1500 gpm pump, 3000 gallon tank, and thousand plus feet of large diameter 5 inch supply line with accompanying appliances and adapters, the FD should see a substantial increase in the amount of water available on the fire ground. Having the additional water on hand in the first few minutes of the incident should make the FD more effective and efficient in extinguishment of the fires that the department confronts. Thanks to the community of San Leon for its continued support of the San Leon Volunteer Fire Department, which in turn, allows the volunteers of the FD to serve the community.